Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.


Graham Hill is founder, CEO and all-around mastermind at LifeEdited. He has a B. Architecture and studied product design. In 95′, he founded early Internet consultancy SiteWerks with his cousin, built it to 60 people landing clients such as Microsoft and sold it in 98’. In 03′ he founded and, makers of ceramic cups that resemble NYC’s iconic paper coffee cups. TreeHugger was sold to Discovery in 07’ and remains one of the most trafficked green sites reaching more than 5M unique visitors per month. Other past venture areas include fashion, viral email and plant-based air filters. Graham speaks English, French, German and Spanish and loves kitesurfing, surfing, climbing, squash and snowboarding. From New York and Maui, he schemes daily about how he can help humanity avoid rapid extinction. Follow him at Here’s his CV.

g [at] lifeedited [dot] com

LifeEdited COO Ross Porter is the man with the plan…and the spreadsheet, chart, wireframe, use-cases, agenda and everything else needed to make things run with strategic efficiency. Ross has degrees in psychology and software engineering. Ross likes to start trouble — he has been in a series of successful startups, in leadership roles from CTO to COO. Prior to LifeEdited Ross helped Ascentium Corporation grow from 35 people to 400, serving in various roles including COO.

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Jayson Halladay holds a professional degree in Architecture. He loves design and business, and has combined the two in various previous ventures, including furniture design, architecture, and real estate development. He purchased his first apartment in New York in 1999 during a five-day trip to the city. Buying, designing, managing and selling thirty-plus properties since then, Jayson has experience in all the dimensions of creating an urban home.

jayson [at] lifeedited [dot] com

David Friedlander takes care of communications and community at LifeEdited. His background is in writing and event management, having been a regular contributor to, PSFK and several other publications. He founded Lucid NYC, an event series that has attracted some of the NYC’s leading innovators. David has a BA from Columbia University and is interested in the evolution of human consciousness ; he keeps a blog at He lives an edited life with his wife and two cats in Brooklyn. Follow him at

david [at] lifeedited [dot] com

Catalin Sandu is chief designer at LifeEdited. He came on board after winning the LifeEdited design challenge in January, 2011, from a field of 304 entries. He is now responsible for conceiving, developing and rendering many of our future architectural designs. In addition to working for LifeEdited, Catalin is completing his architectural degree at the University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu, in Bucharest, where he lives.

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