Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Gorgeous NYC Apt Shows What Can Be Done with 650 sq ft

Perhaps Studio Garneau‘s 650 sq ft “Transformer” apartment is a bit out of most of our pay grade. It cost $360/sq ft for the gut renovation–that’s $234K without the cost of the apartment (this figure is–strange as it might sound to a non-New Yorker–not so outrageous). But the end-product is pretty amazing and shows what’s possible when a pretty modest-sized apartment is filled with great design.

The interior is decked out with the Studio’s “Multi” product line–various pieces of furniture that transform, are easily moved and contains interior storage. Robert Garneau told Remodelista that the line is available in various materials and finishes. No mention of price, but we suspect if you have to ask….

The bedroom features a Murphy bed that when tucked away expands living space.

A sliding wall creates privacy between bedroom and living room.

There are a ton of smart flourishes like this clothes rack that drops down, allowing use of high spaces.

The kitchen table is particularly ingenious. It has hydraulic legs that allow it to be set at 3 heights: kitchen island, dining table and work surface.

Much of the Multi furniture has built in storage.

The sliding wall is also a projection screen.

What we think is the best part of this space is its lack of fussiness. It looks like someplace you’d want to–and could–live in. While not a “micro-unit” per se, 650 sq ft split between 2 people living and working at home is pretty efficient.

Images credit: © Studio Garneau

Via Remodelista and Studio Garneau

  • Elizabeth Sorrell

    I live in about 420 square feet condo with another adult and two dogs. We moved from a three bedroom, 1,000+ square foot apartment and at first thought it would never work, but it’s actually been a really easy adjustment. Number one tip for small living: everything needs at least two purposes.

  • dejrr

    It’s beautiful, but in a way it reminds me of a very, very upscale dorm room. You know, a space that serves a purpose for a time, but isn’t meant to be permanent. Perhaps Elizabeth has an answer to this question: do people who live in such small spaces have hobbies that are done at home (aside from watching videos or playing video games), or is most of life lived outside of those “four” walls? Also, so little storage means living “bare bones,” without being able to save up even small amounts of things that might be useful — for instance, the fabric scraps to be turned into doll clothes for a child’s birthday gift — and thus being totally dependent upon the outside world for everything. Not even space to store food against a blizzard. But maybe that’s just my perspective. I live in a small town in the midwest where space is goes pretty cheaply these days.

    • YoungSally

      My sister lives in a 650 square foot apartment in Greenwich Village — with her husband and their 9 year old nephew. They spend a lot of time outside the apartment — work, school, playdates etc….but also a remarkable amount inside — especially during baseball season. They certainly don’t live the beautifully staged life of the apartment in this article……there’s clutter….but it is surprisingly homey and comfortable. The entire space was opened up and there is one main LR/DR/KIT…and then one storage wall and two sliding privacy panels for each sleeping space.

  • Judith

    Wondering what the bathroom looks like???

  • Jesse Bie

    Who even has the money to do this?

    • David Friedlander

      many, many people. by my reckoning, this apartment is around, or maybe a little more than, $1M. the median home cost in nyc, i believe, is around $1.2M. so this is by no stretch a crazy amount of money in nyc. the rest of the country…

  • Steve Stearns

    I had seen this one before and think that they utilized their space quite well. I like that they have some hidden storage. There is a closet behind the bed that is accessed from the kitchen/ dining area. I also like the table that can be raised and lowered for various uses.