Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.


Wood, You Live Well in this Tiny Space (?)

Maybe it’s the sketchy economic climate preventing people from getting fancy lacquered surfaces. Or maybe there’s a wood stain shortage. Or perhaps Lumber Liquidators has been further liquidating. Whatever the reason, cladding apartments with large amounts of naked plywood is a.

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The Neighborhood within the Neighborhood

Pocket neighborhoods prove that an edited home can take on many shapes and sizes and be located most anywhere. The term, coined by architect Ross Chapin, refers to clusters of houses that share common, car-free outdoor areas like gardens, joined backyards.

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Minimalism For All

This site is probably too often guilty of presenting extreme minimalist lifestyles–single dudes who give up everything, couples who sell all of their stuff to go globe trotting and so on. The fact is downsizing and living a simpler life with.

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The Wheels of These Homes Go Round and Round

Have you ever thought you understood the world around you, then all of sudden discover hidden subcultures right under your nose? You thought you knew your colleagues and neighbors and then find out they are really, deeply into things like Dungeons.

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iOS Enabled Enlightenment

Many years ago, I spent a couple months hanging out in the Sinai Desert and scuba diving in the Red Sea. On my first dives, I would rapidly burn through all of my oxygen, often forcing my group to ascend.

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Dating Site for Tiny House Lovers

One of the bigger questions about downsizing and living with less concerns how it affects one’s romantic life. Many otherwise compatible people might find themselves at odds when one party wants to shack up in 200 sq ft or less..

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