Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.


Plug and Play Architecture

Toronto’s Urban Capital is proving to be one of the more innovative real estate developers in North America. Their Smart House is a great looking luxury micro apartment, they’ve collaborated with LifeEdited on their River City 3 tower and they just.

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Apartments Elegantly Mix Old, New, Obtuse Explanation

Unfortunate for LifeEdited readers, there is no Google translator function to convert Architectese into English. Hence, when architects say that they want to “create legible and vibrant neighborhoods through densification of orphan sites and a concern for the City as a.

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Evernote Scannable and Finally Ditching the File Cabinet

Evernote is a centralized, searchable, web-based place to store all of your notes, web articles, PDF’s–kinda everything. I’ve been using it for a few years, primarily for its web-clipper feature, storing the miscellaneous stuff I find online that I might not immediately have a use.

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Low Impact Living and Dancing Rabbits

What would a truly “edited” and sustainable type of community look like (that isn’t a bunkhouse or prison cell or isn’t the Kowloon walled city)? You’d imagine people would live in small dwellings placed close together. To offset the compact dwellings,.

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2 Bedrooms, 4 Kids, 1 Mom, Lots of Ideas

People frequently ask us for more stories about families–particularly how does one fit big families into small homes? The home of Kip Longinotti-Buitoni is a great example of such a beast. Following a divorce in 2005, she and her four children.

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Is This Dude a Monk or a Minimalist?

Once again, the folks over at Fair Companies bring us more provocative profiles of people at the vanguard of minimal, small space living. In terms of minimalism, Peter Lawrence takes the prize–not that he would store that prize anywhere in.

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UberPool Makes it Easy to Pimp Your Ride

The world’s roads are littered with people driving the same way–people leaving when you’re leaving, from where you’re leaving, going to where you’re going (or, if not exactly same locale, at least getting on and off somewhere along points on the way). But.

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The Future of Apartment Sharing

Often the best way of downsizing is not getting your own tiny house or apartment, but sharing a larger house or apartment. But finding a nice place to share, nice people to share with and enduring the myriad issues that.

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adAPT NYC Winner Coming to Manhattan Soon

It’s been nearly two years since the winner of the adAPT NYC competition–the city’s pilot program for micro-housing–was announced. The winner, dubbed ‘My Micro NY’ and helmed by nArchitects and Monadnock Development, is to be a 9 story, 54 unit.

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